Invitation to Healing Our Spirit
December 3, 2021Enduring the work of Grief, Hope, Truth & Reconciliation in our Communities Read more >

The Community Voices Series: Alix Wells
November 30, 2021Meet a UBC student who is creating an impact Read more >

Invitation to Sorry, Not Sorry
November 1, 2021The Importance of Showing Up in an Era of Truth and Reconciliation Read more >

The Community Voices Series: Lisa Renaud
October 28, 2021Get to know one of our students who is making a difference Read more >

Notable Figure: Elizabeth Bagshaw
October 19, 2021October 19, 1881 is the birthdate of Elizabeth Bagshaw: champion for the place of women in medicine and the rights of women to control their own reproductive destinies Read more >

Complete the Employment Equity Survey
October 11, 2021Help build a more inclusive UBC by completing the survey by October 29 Read more >

The Community Voices Series: Dr. Farah Shroff
October 10, 2021Meet our latest champion of culture transformation Read more >

World Mental Health Day 2021
October 8, 2021On October 10, discover this year’s slogan: “Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality” Read more >

It Starts With Us: Truth Telling Has Launched
October 4, 2021A first step toward truth and reconciliation Read more >

Women’s History Month 2021
October 1, 2021Celebrate this October by exploring this year’s theme: “Women Making History Now” Read more >