REDI Deep Dives

REDI Deep Dives

Lead your unit in diving deep into Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion with the REDI Deep Dives! Embark on an hour-long journey of transformation —a dynamic series of team-facilitated activities designed to infuse EDI principles into your unit’s core practices. These engaging slide decks empower leaders and EDI champions to guide their teams through meaningful discussions, fostering competencies that drive positive change. Tailor these activities to fit diverse topics and contexts, creating a space for building awareness and sparking actionable conversations.   

The REDI team is available to support units exploring these resources for the first time, ensuring an impactful experience. Contact us today! Dive deep into change with sessions designed to last about an hour and set the stage for meaningful progress. 


REDI Deep Dives- Bias Busters

REDI Deep Dives: Bias Busters

This Deep Dive slide deck is designed to bust biases and inspire action within your team. Through a series of short activities, this resource empowers teams to identify biases and strategies on mitigating their impact on decision-making. Dive into a 30-minute session coupled with a dynamic 20-minute pre-session homework activity, tailored for any team eager to enhance their decision-making processes. Ideal for all teams, especially those involved in high-stakes adjudication decisions (such as hiring, or research grants) or time-sensitive situations (like emergency doctors or surgeons), where biases can significantly influence outcomes. Empower your team to make decisions with clarity and fairness with these Bias Busters.

REDI Deep Dives- Cultivating Upstanders

REDI Deep Dives: Cultivating Upstanders

Dive into a transformative journey with a REDI Deep Dive slide deck on fostering a culture of upstanders within your unit. This resource offers facilitation tips to initiate conversations about the bystander effect, guiding your team towards heightened awareness and actionable change.

REDI Deep Dives- Mastering Conflict with the O’DEAR Framework​

REDI Deep Dives: Mastering Conflict with the O’DEAR Framework​

Master the art of conflict resolution with our REDI Deep Dive slide deck, where we unpack the O’DEAR framework. It features a series of interactive activities designed to hone your team’s ability to provide constructive feedback, preventing “smallish” conflicts from snowballing into bigger issues. Whether you’re onboarding new staff, setting norms, or addressing post-conflict scenarios, the O’DEAR framework is your compass for fostering a harmonious work environment. Ideal for any team seeking proactive conflict management strategies, this resource supports creating a harmonious work environment where concerns are addressed with finesse. Transform the way your team navigates conflict with this essential resource and turn conflicts into opportunities for growth!