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REDI offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing education, training, consultation, and guidance. These services empower leaders, faculty, staff, and learners to actively contribute to the Faculty’s culture change initiatives. REDI also serves as the central hub for the Faculty’s Transforming Culture Commitment.

With the addition of a new Associate Director, Maï Yasué, specifically tasked with leading the team in developing an education and capacity-building strategy, the REDI team has been diligently working on staff recruitment and charting the course for transformative change. Read the Message from the Associate Director.

Our approach hinges on collaborative action, relationship-building, empowerment, and fostering meaningful choices in the journey towards Respectful Environments, Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Decolonization and Indigeneity. We aim to ensure that individuals feel supported and are aware of their options for advancing change within their work.

Here are some examples of the various types of services we can provide.

Group education Services: Facilitation and capacity-building

  • Do you have questions about addressing knowledge or skill gaps related to EDI within your team? For example, are you seeking to develop skills required for effective conflict engagement?
  • Are you searching for a specific resource document that can assist you in addressing common challenges encountered in your role?
  • Are you in need of a guest speaker with expertise in anti-racism, and would you like recommendations?
  • Are you interested in having a facilitator guide your unit in initiating team conversations about EDI?

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Consultation Services: Embedding EDI into roles, practices and policies

  • Are you creating changes to your recruitment or admissions process and want someone to examine it with an EDI lens?
  • Do you want a facilitator to come in and provide targeted education on a specific topic (for example, performance reviews, or onboarding processes) that is currently causing conflicts within your team?
  • Are you new to your leadership role or as an EDI committee chair and want to exchange ideas on how to get your committee to move forward?
  • Are you a leader that is about to go into a complicated conversation between conflicting parties that relate to identity, race, power or other topics related to REDI and would like to have some guidance?
  • Do you have a document that you want us to review with an EDI lens (for example, job postings, case studies, or unit EDI statements)? An equity advisor can respond to an email and provide you with feedback.

For more information on incorporating EDI into roles, practices, and policies, please visit our resource page REDI Best Practices, and explore the Activating Inclusion Toolkit on the Equity and Inclusion Office webpage. If you are interested in learning how to integrate Indigenization and decolonization into your unit’s work, we encourage you to explore the Indigenous Strategic Plan Toolkit. You can also submit a request.

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Learning and Working Environment Check-ins: Supporting units in establishing processes to enhance internal accountability

The REDI office is committed to changes in culture and processes to embed EDI in our working and learning environments. Gathering information about incidents within the Faculty of Medicine will contribute to accountability. Documenting these incidents will also enable us to identify patterns across various units, assisting the REDI office in developing relevant and customized educational resources to further support the Faculty in its efforts for change.

  • Have you received reports of racism or oppression concerns within your unit and wish to have someone conduct an environmental scan to assess the working or learning environment within your unit?
  • Have you personally experienced or witnessed mistreatment in the learning environment (classes or clinical settings)? We encourage you to share your concerns and experiences through the Learner Mistreatment website. (To learn more, visit Supporting Learning Environments).
  • In addition to responding to specific incidents, we do proactive work such as environmental scans to explore equity and inclusion and the culture within your unit or create proactive processes for effective conflict engagement.

If you have any questions in relation to equity, inclusion and conflict engagement challenges in your work or learning environment, please submit a request.

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REDI is the coordinating hub of the Faculty of Medicine’s culture change initiative and efforts to promote anti-racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Use the form below to access services, guidance, and assistance.

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