It Starts With Us

Upstander Engagement

The It Starts With Us campaign launched on February 24, 2021 and introduced the Upstander Engagement model.

It Starts With Us is an inspiring and interactive series of presentations, round table discussions, and workshops that will engage faculty, staff, and students in dialogue and encourage positive action to support the creation and sustainment of inclusive, respectful, anti-racist learning and work environments.

We believe that an inclusive learning and work environment free of racism and discrimination will support those within our environment with drive, curiosity, and excellence to transform health for everyone – here at home and around the world.


It Starts With Us: 2022-2023

  • It Starts With Us: Contextualizing and Educating about the Holocaust
    Watch the recording of “It Starts With Us: Contextualizing and Educating about the Holocaust,” in commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  • It Starts With Us: ‘Rock the Boat’
    Join us on Tuesday, October 25th for It Starts With Us: Rock the Boat. Relevant to graduate students, staff, and faculty in supervisory relationships, this interactive event will illustrate the challenges that arise from the power dynamics inherent to supervisory relationships. The session will include watching videos of scenes of dramatic situations that can arise in supervisory relationships and discussing them in small groups. This session will prompt dialogue about how to foster healthy and respectful supervisory relationships and improve wellbeing for all while demonstrating a research-based theatre resource.

It Starts With Us: 2021-2022