EDI Champions and Allies

Welcome to our EDI Champions and Allies blog series!

EDI Champions and Allies

Read the stories of our FoM EDI Champions & Allies, and be inspired by their experiences and journeys. Our goal at the REDI Office is to highlight the diverse voices of those who are leading projects and research with the aim of fostering safe and respectful environments in our community and beyond.

At REDI, we are aware that there are countless EDI champions in our faculty. They are relentlessly working to create healthy environments for learners, staff, faculty and the wider community. This blog is a space where they share with us their stories, aspirations and learnings; and thus, inspire us to join the efforts of cultural transformation at the FoM. 

We invite you to take a few moments and meet our FoM EDI Champions & Allies.

The EDI Champions and Allies blog series is an extension of the Community Voices Series. Learn more about the Community Voices Series or read previous posts below.