What’s In a Name

The office name reflects both our aspirational environments and the principles that will guide and support us to reach our goals.

Respectful Environments

refers to learning and work environments that support the Faculty of Medicine vision and values, incorporate principles of equity, diversity & inclusion, are anti-racist and support individual exercise of human rights.


reflects our awareness of, and willingness to, address equity issues and our commitment to work toward parity in policy, process and outcomes for historically and/or currently underrepresented and/or marginalized people and groups while accounting for diversity.


reflects our commitment to increase the presence and participation of people from a range of social and ethnic backgrounds, of different genders, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds and various lifestyles, lived experience, and interests in our community and to harness the strengths of diversity to drive innovation and excellence.


reflects our commitment to building a strong, supportive community by removing systemic barriers and making every member of our community feel welcome, safe, and empowered to fully participate in Faculty activities.