The Office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) has been established to provide leadership across the Faculty of Medicine in the areas of professionalism, learner mistreatment, equity, diversity, and inclusion, anti-racism, and anti-discrimination.




I don’t know how you begin to reconcile the death of a child. I am at a complete loss of experience, reference or context on how you begin to reconcile the deaths of many children that were summarily buried in unmarked graves. There are inextricable, and arguably irreconcilable, truths when it comes to the death of a child, and the multiple deaths of children.

Asian Heritage Month (May 1 – May 31, 2022)

Asian Heritage Month in Canada has since 2002 been a time to reflect on and recognize the many contributions that Canadians of Asian Heritage have made and continue to make to Canada.

Red Dress Day – Redress Today

Wednesday, May 5th marks a national day of awareness for murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.

Niw_Hk_M_Kanak | All My Relations

Seeking Inspiration in Our Own Histories and Stories with Paul LAH Chartrand

Understanding Upstander Engagement & Skill Building

Join us for the April 21 REDI Lunch & Learn session

We’ve Our Own Work To Do

We have our own work to do in our communities and amongst each other as First Nations people. And I truly hope that we get to where we want and need to be.

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