REDI Grab ‘n’ Gos

REDI Grab 'n’ Gos

Introducing REDI Grab ‘n’ Gos — your shortcut to sparking EDI conversations. Perfect for EDI champions and leaders, these bite-sized slide decks are ideal for kicking off team meetings (in 15-mins or less), delivering ongoing reminders about equity, diversity and inclusion and infusing professional development in digestible chunks.

The REDI team is available to support units exploring these resources for the first time, ensuring an impactful experience. Contact us today! Grab these ready-to-use resources and fuel your team’s journey in 15-min sessions designed to foster more inclusive workspaces. 

REDI Grab 'n' Gos- Navigating Multiple Truths with The Dress ​

REDI Grab ‘n’ Gos: Navigating Multiple Truths with The Dress ​

Introducing REDI Grab ‘n’ Gos short slide deck – an express route to team harmony! Unleash the power of respectful disagreement within your unit with our 15-minute activity, “The Dress.” Watch as an optical illusion sparks diverse perspectives, providing the perfect stage to practice navigating multiple truths. Whether your team is in the midst of conflict resolution or welcoming new members, this activity is tailor-made for fostering understanding and unity. Simple and impactful, “The Dress” is your go-to resource for transforming disagreements into opportunities for understanding.

REDI Grab 'n’ Gos- Team Bonding​

REDI Grab ‘n’ Gos: Team Bonding​

Ignite team spirit and forge stronger bonds with our REDI Grab ‘n’ Gos slide deck—introducing the InsideOutside Activity! This engaging 15 min activity goes beyond the surface, providing a platform for team members to truly get to know each other. Tailored for any team seeking to enhance social cohesion, and especially helpful for units in the midst of onboarding new members. Break down barriers and discover new dimensions of teamwork with the InsideOutside Activity—a catalyst for creating meaningful connections within your group.