What Are Respectful Environments?

“In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”

Angela Davis

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Why Respectful Environments?

The Faculty of Medicine’s strategic plan, Building the Future, affirms that learners, staff, and faculty are the platform for our success. In order to achieve the Faculty vision, Transforming Health for Everyone, we must create and sustain working and learning environments that foster excellence and enable all members of our community to participate and contribute to our successes.

Respectful environments create a sense of belonging and a safe place to engage in dialogue, to learn, and to grow. They support each of us to realize our potential.

What Do Respectful Environments Look Like?

Our aspirational respectful learning and work environments reflect our values, incorporate principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, are anti-racist and free from all forms of discrimination. They are environments that support and empower individuals to share their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs without fear of reprisals, ridicule or censure. They are environments that engage and support people to live our values and meet community expectations.

How Do We Create Respectful Environments?

We begin by committing to Faculty values and being responsible and accountable for our actions. Next, we must commit to challenging systemic and interpersonal barriers that continue to oppress people and marginalized or underrepresented groups within our community. We must become allies through awareness of our unconscious biases, our power, and our privilege. We create respectful environments by building a strong community free from discrimination and committed to anti-racism.