REDI Symposium Speaker: Dr. Saroo Sharda

Join us on May 25th for our first virtual symposium – Race Ideology: Historical Perspectives, Current Realities and Re-imagining the Future Symposium

Dr Saroo Sharda MBChB, MMEd, FRCPC is an anesthesiologist, medical educator, writer and trained creative writing coach. She identifies as a woman of colour of North Indian descent, who has the privilege of being cis-gender, straight, able-bodied and economically privileged.

She is an advocate for physician wellness, equity and anti-racism, and has written and spoken widely about these topics, including publications in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, British Medical Journal, The Globe and Mail and Today’s Parent.

Dr Sharda is the inaugural Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, where she works as a Medical Advisor.

She has presented and taught on EDI in the context of healthcare at a variety of national and international organisations and conferences. She has been described as a “gifted”, “insightful” and “excellent” facilitator, and is able to guide groups through challenging and brave conversations.

Dr Sharda holds a Masters and Fellowship in Medical Education, is the Chair of the Physician Wellness Committee at the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society and a Faculty Member in the Department of Anesthesia at McMaster University.
When not writing or working she works hard to avoid stepping on lego pieces strewn around the house by her 5 year-old and 8 year-old sons.