Race Ideology: Historical Perspectives,
Current Realities and Re-imagining the Future

Join us for our inaugural virtual symposium

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

8:30 am – 1:00 pm

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Please note that the event will be recorded

This symposium will explore how racist ideology led to the categorization of people into “races” and how centuries of medical knowledge, health care, research and health professions education have  perpetuated systemic racism.

We will examine beneficiaries of racism and discrimination to understand how and why racist systems and structures are sustained. Finally, we will identify Anti-Racism strategies and pedagogies aimed to dismantle racist structures and support re-engagement  in a more equitable future.

Intended Outcomes

This event will:

  • Inspire us to be brave in talking about racism within health care.
  • Honor the power of the experiential knowledge of Indigenous, Black and People of Color.
  • Enable participants to engage with different anti-racist pedagogies and strategies.
  • Create opportunities for wider dialogue across the Faculty of Medicine and beyond.


8:30 am – Welcome and Introductions
8:45 am – Opening by Mr. Shane Pointe
9:15 am – Presentation by Dr. Behn Smith with Q&A
10:00 am – Break
10:05 am – Presentation by Dr. Handel Wright with Q&A
10:50 am – Break
10:55 am – Presentation by Dr. Saroo Sharda with Q&A
11:45 am – Presentation by Dr. Amy Tan with Q&A
12:30 pm – Panel Conversation
12:50 pm – Closing by Mr. Shane Pointe


Shane Pointe – Te’ta-in

Knowledge Keeper

Musqueam Nation

Dr. Danièle Behn Smith

Deputy Provincial Health Officer

Indigenous Health,
Ministry of Health

Dr. Handel Wright

Professor, Department of Educational Studies

Senior Advisor to the UBC President on Anti-Racism & Inclusive Excellence

The University of British Columbia

Dr. Saroo Sharda

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Anesthesia, McMaster University

Medical Advisor & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Lead
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Dr. Amy Tan

Clinical Associate Professor &
Anti-Racism Support Program Faculty Mentor

Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine
The University of British Columbia