Introducing: The Transforming Culture Initiative

The Faculty of Medicine begins the task of cultural transformation with a renewed commitment to our community and the environments in which we work and learn.

Photo Credit: Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & Marketing

Through a process of consultation we have identified the changes needed in our learning and work environments. We have developed a plan for engagement that we hope will resonate for faculty, staff and leaners and will empower all members of the Faculty of Medicine community to fully participate in transforming our work and learning environments.

There are many hurdles to successful transformation, including the challenge of maintaining the commitment to stay the course. Transformation will not occur quickly or easily. The journey toward change must include everybody – faculty, staff and students. It will take years and the process requires patience.

Change will come as faculty, staff, and learners develop mind sets and take actions that foster inclusion, support diversity, and embrace equity. This requires commitment, focus, courage, and humility that will be rewarded by personal and organizational growth.

Our aspirational culture will be realized through sustained exposure to respectful interactions, conversations that promote awareness, and dialogue that sparks thoughtful consideration of issues. We will create opportunities for each member of the Faculty community to find the path that strengthens their voices and maximizes their potential.

The key to successful engagement is ownership of the process and of the outcomes. If we are each responsible and accountable we will create and sustain environments that stand up against, and refuse to condone or reward, disrespect, exclusion, racism and discriminatory attitudes and behaviours.

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