Universal Design

Universal Design

Universal Design (UD) calls for the removal of barriers to support everyone, not only people with disabilities. It can be applied to a variety of contexts, including learning and the workplace.

Farewell Roslyn Goldner

Farewell Roslyn Goldner, Executive Director of the REDI Office 

As we bid farewell to Roslyn Goldner, who recently stepped down as the Executive Director of the Office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI), we pause to acknowledge the tremendous impact and indelible mark she has left on the Faculty of Medicine and the broader UBC community.

Former seed2STEM participant Dean Harris (far right) with colleagues from ICORD’s Orthopaedic and Injury Biomechanics Group. Credit: Martin Dee/ICORD.

Strengthening STEM pathways for Indigenous youth

A look back at the early impacts of seed2STEM, an innovative UBC summer research program for Indigenous youth in B.C.

Dr. A.J. Lowik

Trans-inclusive reproductive health care: Interview with Dr. A.J. Lowik

March 31st is International Transgender Day of Visibility. 🏳️‍⚧️ Explore how Dr. A.J. Lowik, a University of British Columbia postdoctoral fellow, is working to shape more trans-inclusive, gender-affirming reproductive health care for British Columbians.

REDI Best Practices: EDI Criteria & Interview Questions in Faculty and Staff Searches

REDI Best Practices: EDI Criteria & Interview Questions in Faculty and Staff Searches

This tip sheet offers a structured framework for reflecting on essential EDI considerations when developing a faculty hiring process, offering guidance to consider before writing the job posting, before reviewing applications, and before selecting interview questions. Offering several lists of selection criteria and interview questions, it is a prompt for hiring committees to think deeply about the meaning of “excellence” and approach the entirety of the hiring process with inclusion in mind.

The 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention

REDI Best Practices: The 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention

Imagine you witness harassment unfolding before your eyes. What steps can you take? This tip sheet breaks down the crucial elements of intervention, starting with a thoughtful consideration of timing. Is it safe to act immediately, or is it wiser to wait for a safer opportunity? Discover the five key actions you can take from direct intervention to delegation, each “D” offers a strategic approach tailored to various scenarios.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Spaces

An affinity group is a community of peers that offers support, guidance, resources, and mentorship to its members, who identify as like-minded with the group. Affinity groups are particularly valuable as they provide a sense of belonging, community, and collective empowerment to members of historically, systemically, and perpetually marginalized groups.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (March 8)

In honour of International Women’s Day (IWD), meet some of the outstanding women in the UBC Faculty of Medicine — learners, faculty and staff members — who are transforming health for everyone.

REDI’s Black Authors Book List

REDI’s Black Authors Book List

Celebrate the voices and stories of Black authors by exploring our curated book list. These works offer profound insights into the Black experience and its impact on history, culture, and society. Deepen your understanding of racial injustice and resilience, and join us in honoring the legacy of Black writers and their contributions to literature and beyond.

Support learners and colleagues during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Support learners and colleagues during the Holy Month of Ramadan

This year, Ramadan month starts on Sunday, March 10th, or Monday, March 11th, 2024, depending on the moon sighting. During this month many Muslims staff, learners, and faculty fast from sunrise to sunset. Learn more about Ramadan and how to support fasting learners and colleagues.