Announcement: Dr. Maria Hubinette, Assistant Dean Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

It is with a mixture of regret and excitement that we announce the end of Dr. Maria Hubinette’s appointment as Assistant Dean, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the Faculty of Medicine and member of the office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI).

Regret, because Dr. Hubinette has been a passionate champion of social justice and equity in the Faculty since before her appointment as Assistant Dean in September 2019. In 2020 Dr. Hubinette joined the REDI team and continued her tireless work for systemic and behavioural change and the removal of barriers to equity, that persist in our policies, systems, and conduct and that continue to have a disproportionate negative impact on equity deserving members of our community.

Excitement, because Dr. Hubinette as a 2021 Michael Smith Health Professional Investigator Award recipient, will continue to be a champion within our Faculty as she pursues her passion for research – research that will have an impact on those barriers to equity.

Dr. Hubinette’s research is in the area of health professions education through lenses of social justice, equity, advocacy and social accountability. Her program of research will continue to explore how we conceptualize and operationalize social accountability and equity as health professionals with a focus on critically examining and changing the structures, policies, processes and practices that uphold systems of oppression.

The Dean’s Office and her team members in the REDI office wish Dr. Hubinette great success in her research projects and look forward to future partnerships through which the Faculty can benefit from the fruits of her research efforts.

The REDI team will continue to provide EDI leadership and support across the Faculty under the direction of Dr. Neila Miled, Anti-racism Advisor.